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The ones in between it's just it's all been like character vice character development interesting events happening but so much more small scale just like the first series of the first season of little events in these small stories told Every episode and like when you know when rick in meets morgan for the first time. It's it's mostly just like him and morgan and his kid and yeah that is. That's probably what wants to episodes. It's just those little moments and it's all about like humanity and grey areas of morality and stuff like that and that's where we're getting back to and this because things have calmed down since the fucking giant hold is a pass through and shit like that and we back to get back to what i used to love about walking in the first place which was the things and the way the coach had written it. And it's it's just back on top of really enjoyed it and we've got storm troopers. I don't know about all right. Let's talk about thunder force on that flex to childhood. Best friends reunite as an unlikely crimefighting duo. When one invents a formula that gives ordinary people superpower's forces written and directed by ben. Falcone and stars. Melissa mccarthy octavia spencer jason bateman. Bobby kind of ali palm clementine taylor moesby melissa leo. It is the fifth collaboration between mccarthy and her husband foul coun- and hopefully it's the final one. Because i am sick of these to working together. Because i do not like their movies. So yeah. I'm not a fan of her working with her husband. I just don't think they're just not in my opinion. They're just not really good movies. What were the other films they did together. I think another one netflix. One that i saw recently. You're catching me off guard about movies that i don't like to begin with so let me have a look. You can do that me. I'll find out what your thoughts are. Though what would you think about well. I'll get into a little bit. Here's here's the thing. This big event happens and people that are sociopaths.

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