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That big way. 14 41 the time to go. That's lusty. That made a really good save on election. Yeah, you got it in all by himself from the top of the faceoff circle to the left of Darcy. All the way it Savard is provided lighting with a couple of key blocks in this first period two shots or 10, 5 Lightning. Remember those 91? Yeah, Lot shot has been the only shot since the power play. Lighting at nine at the end of the power play been thrown out of the draw against Gord Gordon Dickinson to the left of us lost. You won by young Lord MacDonald lining far corner rips to Coleman on the railing. Thinks that a good road to center ice Nice lead feet. McDonough across the Dallas line to the left. Circle Shoots save May not injure the rebound is loose for John Klingberg. Strides of left wing to center rises, dumping blocked by Good row Good row puts it back to his own zone for Savard. Savard leads it out. Holman is after it in the offensive zone settles down to the left point. Floats. It crosses to Janni Gord, right circle. And Igor, drifting to the right. 0.7 point turn, AC shoots Avon. We put that glove behind him. He had the pluck underneath of 1 26 left in the first one of the Tampa Bay Good drone. Dickinson were tied up with each other right in front. On the net. Dickinson did a good job of pushing good threw out of the way. So on your concede that shot Good job. By tonight. The stars have defended well in front of their own anatomy. Think about the lightning shots other than the plot, one that was off the turnover, most of them Goalies had a chance to.

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