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Down the stretch one horse behind the starting gate. It's the outside horse number ten channel maker. He's in line Larry comas with the call. They're off in the Manhattan. Huchon DA started. Well, so to curb on, on their own side, it's bent one. These three to dispute the early pace with channel maker Lea running in fourth behind the Brits and order have favored will sit fifth mid pack here about six links, lead and just to the side of Robert Bruce rave of another two links more. And by channel cat who is third. Lastly, Megyn bulletin signed, an Olympic trails twenty three point six eight pays for this distance at set by Benguela up there by link to half kurban sitting in second to Indiana's third aren't held channel makers for the out, son Robert Grousset on the rail, followed by bricks and mortar raging poll, the last of us Chad Brown from for intas racing. Ten links from the front. Meanwhile, Irvan taking over up, top, and at the back of the pack our channel and Olympic. Oh, forty eight point seven three half and kurban might Smith wait. No longer. They take control of the strengths and they have opened up here to us. A three and a half late lead on Benoi and it's windy. A third of the sign followed by channel four by length and a half, Robert BRUCE'S down for the hedge racing. Seven lengths from the lead moving for the far turn three quarters up at one twelve point two four swim to the turn go, and it is clear, Bonn violates take it on. Once again, by Ben wa and here comes channel make on the outside the three of the muck up. Fritz mortar has made his way up into fourth. And he's just to behind these come four wide for the stretch drive with Robert Bruce distant side of him. And they're into the stretch, and it is channel maker outside bricks and mortar runs down the centre bent what price hanging there with the side. And then comes rubber Bruce at raging bull minutes. Princeton order Wrexham taken the lead hair holding the second Robert Bruce Lee bricks and mortar is so good. They hatton. Robert Bruce was second. Raging bull was third and fourth under the wire was channel maker and one fifty eight point one one. Bricks and mortar rattling off a fifth consecutive victory here. The safter noon, he takes.

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