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Sweetie. Can you double check that we hung that new ornament on the tree? You know, the one we got from. Oh, yo seventy this summer. Holy searched the tree, but she couldn't seem to find it. She was just about to give up when she knows something behind the tree practically out of sight. She talked herself in around the scraggly bows. And that's when she saw him the glossy black boots the tall, shiny helmet and the crooked left arm. What was the tin soldier doing on the tree? When she reached out to touch it. It was like the ground from under me juice ball in walling bowling. Pile of snow or was it. Hello there. Sorry about the lack of cushioning cushions for my place. But you know, there's only so many cool round snow much here last time. Let's just say we might be having a green Christmas any day. Now. L Joe strikes again. Hey, sorry. Mister ne-new. Belise sparkles. Sure. This isn't my fault. I mean, I wouldn't call it your voltage, actually. But it might be. Be because. So what Cornelius I didn't mean for any of this to happen. We need to fix this. We need to see the Queen Matz. Go all in Cornelius walked up nearly snow list street towards the castle the decoration still shimmered delightfully, but without the snow. Something was just missing to their surprise Cornelius and holy phone. The Queen waiting in the courtyard your back goonies with you. Thank goodness come with me. Both of you. There's someone in the cost of you may want to see. Hey, you're not seeing your. I've seen uses we were at Chris cringle academy together. How if only you could have seen Cornelius in holy spaces. Cornelius was overjoyed to see an old friend that Holly was just flat out confused because in front of her was an ornament ah ten so. With glossy black boots a tall shiny helmet under crooked left on. I'm sorry. I don't. I don't really remember much right now. Does that voice sound familiar to at all give you minute has? It's coming to you. Oh, all right. It's me. He just woke up he he's memory as a bit shaky. Oh, oh, right. I remember being on a mission. I remember accepting a position with the guardians. But we can help you get all your memories pack Remmy. Also, remember somewhat owing me fourteen dollars, actually, a why not take it easy. No, rush, not to rush. You know, why remember what you've already forgotten what my grandma used to say. So he came to just this morning. Whatever family he was sent to protect the human world must have had him in storage for a while. I mean, he's been with my family. I found him in the attic are we the guardians. No got into residents of Christmas land that kind of like francs FRANZ yet you have frogs jump from lily pad to pad and so on. Well, guardians joke from our to your world to protect residents of Christmas land who have left, but he's just an ornamental tree. Yes. Got often take the form of common holiday items as to their origin tear in Tinseltown..

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