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Today You served your country Now let VA serve you Traffic and weather on the 8s to bob inler in the WTO traffic center Oil on 66 eastbound after nutly street they had the broken down truck which now had a fuel leak and they've got that to clean out the fire department is there You're down to one lane getting by to the left eastbound 66 after not least street And that's where they're starting to set up the work zone on the left side so as you head toward the belt while you're getting mine to the right They're also working both ways in manassas getting by to the right in both directions single file near the rest area between the rest area and suddenly road And of course there are also working on the eastbound side in Gainesville getting two manassas So a separate works on there where you get by single file to the right 95 southbound after X and one 40 Stafford right lane block and then you're getting by single file farther south after centerport Parkway single file to the right getting by headed toward X and one 33 in falmouth In Maryland eastbound 100 now reopened the investigation completed I 97 should find traffic getting by both ways on 100 and I 97 50 out of the bay bridge runs without delay the block in the right lane near cape saint Clair but you get by that without delay headed toward the bay bridge on eastbound 50 95 VW park Y two 70 each running well Join the YMCA in March with a $25 enrollment fee and enjoy free new member experiences like pickleball drop ins cooking classes and more Visit YMCA D.C. dot org for details offer ends March 31st Bob and lit traffic Thank you bob And now to storm team four meteorologist Brianna Berman solo Overcast conditions that we're going to see a chance for rain by tomorrow looks like we're mostly cloudy overnight.

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