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You know, certainly Chevrolet has seemingly kind of grasped his opportunity and he's actually looked starting to look like a guy who can move and dribble and pass and do more things and just stand in the corner and that's a mental thing than a physical thing those and Rob Williams. So you take those three four guys of drafts of recent years that have been kind of hung around Danny's, you know, neck of the last month, you know, three or four years and those guys start to show here in the next, you know month two months that they're NBA players. then I think we have a very different conversation you start trading Jaylen Brown now for the next guy you know maybe it works maybe a dozen but now we know know what you have you been alone yeah and you have chemistry that's hard to develop and you have them locked up on contracts oh absolutely and you know what you thought of something you wanted to say that was hilarious wage yo well which you were saying the the long-term contract thing The day of the the nonsense right the 6th and Insurrection, whatever I will get it all that but so on that night Jalen and Jack spoke to the media together. You know because they have a state before the game and you know, they had they kneeled before the game against Miami and they did the whole thing and then they spoke together off and I think that that was really really interesting because because we really haven't seen that everyone know everybody because they've never been like I don't know if this is the wrong word because I've never really been broey. Yes. Everybody is like oh but you know, are they really, you know going to be together? You know, it's a really good point. It's a really good point. I didn't catch that. Yeah, and and that's you know, that's two liters. That's and I'm sure that's Jaylen go to Jason and be like, hey, we should do this together on Jason's not somebody who puts himself out there. He's not someone who I think he has strong beliefs. I think he's shared those at times and you know, I believe he's yeah, but he's not out to be what Jaylen Brown Absolutely, not. You know, right? Yeah culturally or you know in society or as yeah, absolutely. I mean, I think he supports I don't think he disagrees about it, but it's just like Jimmy Buffet your head. He doesn't want to yeah, Jalen does Jalen Jason does Jason they do their own things. But the one thing what was it the question I'm trying to remember who was it was interviewed. It was right near the start of the Season or whatever and somebody asked him what something you didn't know and they and I can't remember who it was one of the younger players or something and they said I didn't realize how close Jason and Jaylen are off which I thought was really interesting because it might have been seeing. Yeah, I think it might have been because we don't that's not the the perception that we have on the outside edge with all the Instagram pictures, you know, they kind of do their own thing. But again, I always say this like every three shows I do this and it's just like that is what is the future wage? Steam like those two guys get along and it works. Then we're set. We're good. You know, we just need the stuff around them. Yeah, we do it around and not make mistakes that correct all the mistakes that we talked about with.

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