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Yeah like a workfare i guess live at sita worked and that's where you slept yeah i slept across the front seats available at like to bed into the back as well so the all the kids of bobsled did the bath which how many people lived in the man uh there were four kids bible i think we at eu dogs at what stage israel while uh for how many years it was like off at all for about sixty is i did like i did live in the house house the tell us about ted so i say for a berth till two or three we looked at the house of the like a big child wet we travelled around light lived on a bunch of different fogs conduct communities with with tons of all the people as well bike everywhere to just gather on a everyone would help will cost her it ever would leave their tents teeth these states while is in part of migrants um are you a gypsies or from egypt shoes it's kinda like that okay not technically the like gypsy gypsy travelers gypsy set to travel favourites chefs us like we just troppo by our beat it bother the kids who just travelled a different kind of communities okay um and where was you're dead dad travelled dad a lot as well but he like he's the copper tell us that he was always working but he was a white they divorced four states saying because really in the pitch that much with zia butch otter ju ju still keep in touch with your mom.

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