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That hitting on oma thurman he made woman thurman a megastar with all those those movies so skill bill movies and then the of pulp fiction who was him a while he and tarantino made her a superstar i mean she went from being an actress ichikawa no two one of the most mean pope fictions on every fifteen minutes like the frequent shawshank redemption of of violent movies i don't know man i don't know what's going to happen to that guy but whatever it is i i i don't think it's going to be enough right away yes he needs to go i am really do i think so yeah there are truly snowflakes in the world and i will admit that sometimes i am one of them i will also admit that i'm prone to violence if people call me that so i don't know what that makes me gets his great story about uh you know we're always worrying about peanut allergies and putting it in movies are making jokes about it right there's another allergy out there that somebody made fun of a now the snowflakes they're all in a dander that's next traffic from the children autobody traffic desk new crash her cupertino south to 84 wolf road it's in the centre divide traffic's heavy from 85 and stays that way into downtown san jose also have an accident as you travel over the snow grade northbound six he near the chp truck scales that was already very heavy of course from south mission up to valid see those and still have an accident for downtown oakland south eighty before 16th avenue with traffic backing up to before nine eighty a new accident where one had just cleared on your way into san francisco north 101 at before to 80 so traffic starting to back up by a two thirds street behind that and traffic atas san francisco's heavy now from hospital curve not bad it's lighter than it usually is uh and that stays that with stays heavy out to treasure island crossing the baybridge judge and tonight is going to be chilly so bundle up we're going to be down into the low authorities in many locations nice and sunny tomorrow back to the '60s did you could attract reformed time to get a new phone switched to sprinted get a new samsung g eight for eight dollars per month or a note aid for eighteen dollars per month with sprint flex lease furry into your local sprints door visit sprintcomunlimited eksi or call one eight hundred.

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