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Shows up at the racetrack. Nets that case some of the racing people are the same people. But it's a whole new crowd of people. He's away every time you come out. And and, you know, see all these all these faces for the first time what what everyone has to say James Hinchcliffe Oakville, Ontario, drives a number five dilemma Honda for aero Schmidt Peterson motorsports in the NTT IndyCar series. Okay. I don't think there's another driver out there. That has seen the swing of emotions around this race, the crash there that almost took you from us your recovery to win the poll the very next year to the to the depths of despair when you don't make the field last year in a very short period of time. I don't think there's another driver out there who has gone through the swing of emotion that you have as we get set for the one hundred third running of the biggest race. There is the Indianapolis five hundred would I be accurate in all of that Hinch. Probably the most down do. But you know, we certainly had an extreme run there over the what eight or nine years you've been there now. So yet, it's interesting we're up we're up on the guys that have had a more of roller coaster time. Anyway. Yeah. You gotta get out there. You know, your fast enough to get you know, you've got forget about all of that. And get out there and start a new, and I mean, that's not easy to do. But that's what you need to do. Don't you? A lot of things in our sport. You know, when it comes to putting things lines. That part of I think any athletes job is different for me. Because he's in, you know, whether it was coming back from the wreck and fifteen we had to put that blind. When everyone's you know, you're on being poll and not having the greatest qualifying in seventeen eighty but that bind and after after landing now that we're gonna roll through the tunnel, you know, under under the short shoot in the south side of the track and intervening apple Motor Speedway. Like, it's just another may in. You know, we go in there with a lot of preparation on the team side and on my side highly motivated. And we're looking forward to run, you know. And there isn't another track is there on the circuit. He just happens to be the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And we talk about this every year. But it is so important. You can do all the prep you want which have really got to be almost a weatherman at Indy too. Don't you mean, you've got to watch, you know, with the sun goes down behind the grandstands the wind and the track temperature all of that. It's it's most critical at this place. Probably more than any other track on the circuit. Would that be accurate?.

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