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We roll along. Sean Hannity. Show eight hundred nine four one Sean if you wanna be, a part of this extravaganza and there's a lot of news we got into, a lot of this last, night, with, Sarah Carter. As it relates to Stefan helper. And this guy had all the contacts he it's interesting he was in contact with George George popadopoulos and he had. All the Russian connections he did. And he's asking all the questions and Michael Flynn and Carter page And that seems you know what doesn't seem exactly right anyway We you know we, have the fourth highest ranking official in the Justice department. Notes amazing how. The media even in the Lanny Davis kid I love CNN We'll give you more I'll give you. More details in the next half hour but the here Lanny Davis admits that. He is the, author of a false report. As it relates to. Michael combs knowledge of that Donald Trump. Knew about, the Trump Tower meeting the infamous meeting then he says? Never mind does not true, I can't confirm that and, then, CNN's stands by the story I mean do you want to know why people, chant fake news, that's one of the reasons. But also ignoring stories like oh Bruce sore. Struck in page McCabe and Komi and everybody. Else and exonerating Hillary letting her go the crime she. Had committed now we're hearing and we have a report we'll get. To, later in the program today how we actually. The, Chinese actually, hacked into Hillary server they got them all and a report that, Anthony Weiner is laptop well they didn't examine ninety nine. Point five percent Of the emails on. That laptop and we read yesterday to some seven hundred. Thousand of them they only went through a small number of them but you got the fourth ranking highest ranking official. In the Justice department Bruce or and is close relationship with the former spy. And dirty dossier, all three doesn't even stand. By his own dossier Christopher Steele that Hillary paid for without. The permission, permission knowledge of his boss rod Rosenstein and orange steel? Have this close relationship before, and after the election and, during, the election and then the emails that we've been able to unearth the text, messages the handwritten, notes showing how they work. Together to spread propaganda disinformation to the American. People stuff that they never verified on their. Own at all ever all for the purpose of winning. An election and swaying the American people in the lead up to. An, election it's pretty unbelievable it's called lying propaganda It's what we'd, expect speaking of Russian we'd expect from the former Soviet Union I'll explain when we get back eight hundred nine four. One Sean is. On number will continue.

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