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This is daily bread. I'm Deepak Chopra. Fourteen is about total understanding. Which is not the same as thinking. Undestanding is a skill developed in awareness. It's what you've made out of your pretension. So we need to understand that everything that his whole is appearing as part of the picture of reality once again. Everything whole is appearing in part as the picture of reality the essence of simultaneous interdependent. Go Rising. A cousin three levels number one going into a situation only Fahd enough to meet the first real obstacle. I repeat that going into a situation only enough to meet the first real obstacles number two going into a situation only far enough to conquer some of goals and then the third step going into a situation to conquer all obstacles and the mechanics of course the expansion of awareness. Let's say you're walking in the dark room and you see anything. Every bit of furniture in the room is an obstacle. And you bump into it. You get hurt now. The second would be instead of the room. You have a flashlight and now you can actually pointed in different directions and you can identify bits and pieces of furniture. So you don't bump into it you navigate your way around the furniture and now imagine a third scenario where the whole room is lit up. It's transparent made of transparent glass and it's all lit up and you can. The entire universe is available to you because there are no obstacles whatsoever. What has happened? You just increase the light of awareness. So each level of commitment reflects the level of understanding and level of awareness. You're willing to achieve. Let's pause here because I've shared a lot of ideas right now with you..

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