Union Army, President Trump, Abraham Lincoln discussed on The Main Event


The of the union army who actually rob relief surrendered to in ended up being are 18th president if i remember correctly and so it's history it's not a good part of our history but guess what we are we stood up in corrected ourselves hey we we had slaves and guess who did that you know they burned down they burned the a statue of abraham lincoln on thursday that makes no sense at all he's the guy that read that that the free the slaves members the thirteenth amendment no you guys don't watch movies close enough you're going to watch the movie lincoln and watch it more than once and watch who's actually fighting you'll notice in it's the republicans are always fighting for the black people and all the minorities for for for equal the under the law we don't we don't fight for equal equal results we fight for equal opportunity because that's what america's about it's the democrats at once you get on the bandwagon right before every election to tell everybody how they're they're out there to help the minorities but really they're the ones that are trying to keep you down keep down the minorities hey keep you dependent on on the government and give you free style so that when the time to win the free stuff goes way you don't know how to support yourself so you're dependent on them i don't know mike kids moved out of my house at nineteen you know why because we taught him time they bear learn how to make some money better learn you know one and there's rules here if you don't want to be under this oppressive rule them in hofmann land you'd better learn how to pay your own bills.

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