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Assuming they don't know who you are. What does that does that sentence seem to you. I think we're talking the same language. I mean mark sheridan who became popular with pools and spas. He was sort of the pool. Guy blogging guy. He wrote a book called. They ask you answer that. His whole philosophy whatever. Your customers are asking no matter what it is. Even if it undercuts your product you you should deliver that information to them. So that's the kind of thing we're talking about. I would go a little bit broader. And i like to say. Let's set up some listening posts. Which means are you talking to your audience in some way sending them an email following them on twitter looking at google trends looking at google searches. You get all these listening posts with that. You understand that audience better than anyone else. So then you can come up with your editorial in your content calendar and so if you're about to record a video and you don't know what you're going to talk about you've got big problem you should. You should have your editorial calendar already. Set to know here are the had an editorial meeting. We're we have the next twenty articles already set. 'cause we know these are the big twenty challenges that are content entrepreneurs dealing with and we've got a cover them so we're going bam bam bam going through the whole thing. Same thing with your youtube videos. Same thing with podcasts doesn't matter so Just so we understand what. The content filter tilt is in content inc. You talk the original content. We talked about it now. It's the name of your new business. The tilt Did what is the content till exactly. What does that mean you know. It's funny because the the tilt cave from if you watched the movie the matrix. Yes you probably have so so neo. The one goes in and he's about ready to he's about he's going to have the big meeting to figure out if he is the one and he says he's not six that boy and the boy is bending the spoons right into the spoon bending spoons and the boy says you have to pretend that there is no spoon and neo. Couldn't bend it but he could once. He tilted his head. That's where the tilt comes from looked at it differently and he was able to bend the spoon..

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