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Live from Cleveland. This is the Anthony Lima Show on CBS Sports Radio. Welcome back. Don't think Mike Sando of the athletic who just joined us breaking down the NFL as we get closer and closer to actual football. Oh, we can dream right way could get excited. I'm impressed that the players union and the owner's a lot closer. I thought it was going get contentious. I thought was going to be a CZ. Bad is baseball was in the lead up to the baseball season's starting and I was wrong. These guys write a role. It seems like the players believe that the NFL is taking all of this seriously. And so I think that is very exciting. So with all the sports that went on yesterday, I let off the show, saying it kind of seems like we're getting Closer to normal. Which is good. The flip side of that is the news that came down earlier this hour. The Marlins number three starter scratched right before today's game. Because a cove it which we know is going to happen. It's going to happen. We have to get used to it. Especially in baseball, where there is no bubble, so I think NFL fans should be listening. Her bone hard. I don't know. I feel it in that are based in part may have a bomb. The magic here in this part of your team..

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