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We're getting repeated concussions during the course of their careers that eventually said all right enough i am not gonna hold as an angle aikman and um steve young were bad mitigate gathering cutter and look at a now i gotta aikman has to be what fifty at least right uh probably colombia some eighty nine and my first year was like netted yeah so he's got to be close to 50 right he is years old uh uh a montana took a lot of big hits steve young like their age they seemed fine in that ear but in terms of lawsuit to right if you're the nfl you'd be like well okay i go we didn't really know the revocation we didn't allow to refects and you know before even get there we don't know oh really are people predetermine like are you predispose what is like if you're a person that that if you get one hit you get t t words the guy can get thirty concussions and not get it but how do we know you know we have a document here hunia to concussions in the nfl did he get him in college did he get it you know would haiti play pop warner maybe has to do with like if you play contact football before the age of fourteen that's your more susceptible susceptible to it you know those oh things like if you write isn't it creating doubt so i'm not saying that that doesn't have merited terms of like yeah what's a smoking gun but there's no way and you know you write in terms of heard eta's to it's like just kinda trying to be a giving him a reason y he was a sociopath abida eye joe mary's going to give a sports up headlines as he joins the program we will continue with our final hour on this saturday johnston and flynn 985 the sports up fivetime super bowl sports nba news coming out within the last hour the oklahoma city fonder of acquired carmelo anthony from the knicks new york will receive enes cancer doug mcdermott and a second round pick the red sox are four games up of nine games remaining after their 54 win over the reds last night david price the big drought of the bullpen he went to and twothirds innings the.

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