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I was reading in got really really really into a song of rates and ruin by Roseanne a brown. And then it disappeared. And while it disappeared I, started incendiary by Zurita, Cordova I and then it disappeared. I got a song of rates in ruined back and read a second bit, and now I'm currently like three quarters of the way through incendiary i. have it locked in a room where the toddlers can't get it. There's so interesting to be the way. I can tell they're truly fantastic boxes I usually read straight pre toddlers read straight through. I was not a person who read a book over multiple days. Let alone weeks. But the characters and situations are just living in my mind and it's probably the first time in my life that I've been able to do that for two books at once, and it's so interesting having babies to books because they are both. High Fantasy. They both involved both royalty and possible assassination fastens. In yet the hair so different and I can hold them both in my mind at the same time and I'm in love with the characters. For both of them. which again is a total I for me. So my goal is to finish incendiary tonight and then like. Trail the toddlers I make out what they did when the song of a rates in ruins. So I can finish that one do that's so funny. Whatever the inheritance games comes out on September I can't we treat it and I wish you in the book all the Best I think you so much for having me. And that's rap on this week. So I WANNA thank Jennifer. Lynn Barnes for joining me again. The inheritance games comes out on September the first. And hope you check that out. Thanks for listening be covered a keep an eye on this feed for some other great conversations we have with why writers coming up. I'm Brooke. Shelley until next time keep reading..

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