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I love 'cause play families. It's cutest thing ever when they're all in cost you and like the mom was back girl. The daughter was raven. The boy was Ben ten. The other daughter was Harley, and I was with a director friend of mine, and the mom said we take a picture with my daughter. She's dressed as Harley, and I said sure, and like actually, let's do a family photo. And I said, okay, when I'm standing next to raven, and I go do, you know, do you know who I am? And she's like, I know who I am. And I go, okay, whatever. And she's like, yeah. Whatever like, they didn't know. Right. And then my director goes, you know, she voices all of you. Right. But she's our whole family, right? And they're like. Second air like just, but 'cause place so fun. Yeah. I always look I liked seeing when. Daniel Radcliffe was like spider. I think he walked around Spiderman. But since he had a mask on. Nobody knew. Yeah. That's the greatest myself much fun favorite is one year. Blake Blake Anderson for work a Hollick's was he just he wanted to go in and buy stuff, and he just put on a woven green masks. Yeah. And like I was like, but I could still see your hair. But I was like, I only know because I know it's you anyone who's that weird hair fun to just walk around the con in cognitive and be able to go anywhere and do anything as fun. If he was going to say we have to take another break. So that we can take a break and then wrap up with the future of Harley and and. And and you know, it's it's going to be a new segment, I call the gush session, and we'll go there. Founds. Good. We'll get to it. We'll see you after the break. Wait is that you're going to break a wh-? What did you want to do? I don't know just say, hey, so we'll we'll get into the movies. The future of Harley Quinn, oh wrap up, and that whatever we can keep that cheap and all of that. But we'll see y'all after the break. That's great. You know, people say necessity is the mother of invention. But that's not always true. Sometimes the mother of invention is advertising. Yeah. Or pure accident. How about ego maniacal delusion? Absolutely. Or just a desperate longing. To be cool. I'm Robert lamb, and I'm Joe McCormick. We're the host of the science podcasts stuff to blow your mind. And now we're branching off into the exploration of invention. Invention is the story of human history told one piece of technology at a time the things we made and how they made us invention publishes every Monday, listen and subscribe to invention on apple podcasts the.

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