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That's no question. No answer The question over which team which team is in the playoffs right now, going tomorrow? Answer the question. What team is going to be out of the playoffs tomorrow? Don't answer the question with a question answer. The question is going to be out of the playoffs tomorrow. Matan? I don't know. We'll see anything could happen. Think of this play offs for the black dogs. I think of it as a token team that just has thrown in. Go lose on then move on with your lives. Yeah, I agree. Okay, now it's same with the White Sox stole gold lose. Go move on with your lives. The Cubs lost yesterday, too intense little room becomes a boss tomorrow. No, he had the worst second happened Baseball last year. What did he have Three wins in any area Five. The Cubs speak the crap out of him. And that's your best picture. Lucas, you're legal. Maybe Tallis Kaiko could give like an inspirational speech today. Come out, guys get together. What does he do that for? The Cleveland Indians beat the crab out of daggers of students. That was Michael from a cheating Houston Astro team and you look up to him. Who's your favorite ballplayer of all time Ball Dallas cycle is on ESPN 1000 posts. Agent gun Ready? Get up extra early. We started a new morning show Monday 7 to 10. I cannot wait. You and I will be able to talk to Chicago sports fans and their thoughts and all of the great Chicago sports. They're out there, including Mitch. Travesty. You know the travesty. Truth is going to be out there. Bring him on. I got big shoulders. I can handle it. I'll pour my morning coffee. You know what I'll say to you and all of them. Take that and I'll put on my Crown Royal happen. J Hood 7 to 10 weekday mornings on ESPN 1000. Take that. Batter up and bet sports at Chicagoland Biggest and best sportsbook at Horseshoe Hammond Casino, located less than 20 miles from the heart of Chicago, You could watch.

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