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These countries have a right to control immigration into them but the need to be much more account taken of the human element of this that the people on the dreamer program the daca program need to be found some way of giving permanent protection may be a path to citizenship congress needs to act to do that very fast need to make sure that the the immigration program the legal resettlement of refugees program is not completely abandoned that the people who've been waiting to be resettled can be resettled than they are resettled very successfully they become very quickly productive members of the community we will follow this one again no doubt in the coming weeks and months six forty seven gmt india's hindifilm industry bollywood as it's known as one of the world's largest film industries but to has long had the reputation of being deeply sexist while a misogynist culture undoubtedly still persists bollywood appears now to be beginning to undergo a transformation it's reflected in the latest big budget release a blockbuster about senate repair adds his are south asia correspondent justin road america cuba superman her back minus spiderman look in india give us badmann so who is this indian superhero pahad man is the true story of an indian inventor who came up with a low cost senate tree path it's an unusual story line for any movie but even more so for bollywood and this is no lowbudget indy film the hope productions release is a mainstream movie featuring akshay kumar one of indian cinemas biggest stars go pocket be might economic denzel thought was no question it addresses an important issue says the film's producer twinkle connor and india of course it's a problem where only five percent of women have access to affordable menstrual products and the rest i using rags and leaves and even straw why is this a problem because italy to diseases of the reproductive tract where they fungal or at bacterial diseases that are links to cycle cancer what is also significant however is what this menstruation themed movie says about the priorities of bollywood schubert are gupta is one of india's leading film critics last year two thousand seventeen we had four pins which were really women forward female forward in in a way that i haven't seen before these movies even about five years ago would have been on the.

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