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That happen, which is okay. We can install the tubes, but we're not gonna put it in. Come on. That's the compromise. Just the aesthetic value of the tubes. It was so it had a little crank dispenser. I mean, there were a lot of appealing things about it besides the deliciousness of candy and pretzels. And Cheddar goldfish on Fridays. Gosh, we're worried. Marcus Mariota. Let me ask you this. Because the way it was apparently messaged to the media, you know, I thought Arthur smith's comments when I saw them alone were kind of like, okay, he's kind of doing his Arthur Smith thing where he's sort of the grumpy guy and talking about the knee wasn't a problem, and now it's a problem. Type of thing, but the way everyone was kind of writing about it, it just seemed like there was, you know, that's where the okay, well, he took off without telling the team thing kind of went. Yeah. It's a weird thing. Football in general is just imagine trying to be like, it's like being a high school principal. You have no idea what's going on. There are a thousand people in the building. All of whom you're somewhat vaguely responsible for or have to speak for and imagine if a high school principal had to talk to the press every single day. And you'd walk out there and you'd be like, listen, Mike didn't show up for lunch today and you'd just be like, I don't know. Maybe Mike walked to Domino's. I don't know where he is. That's what being an NFL head coach is like. And sometimes players are mad at you for 6 months and you don't know. That's just a thing. I've been mad at, I've been mad at friends family relatives for a very long period of time and they never pick up on it and it just makes you more mad. I'm not saying that's what happened with Mark Mariota, but it could have been one of those, it could be that simple. It's like he called me weak armed 6 months ago and he never apologized for it. And then one day you're just like, I'm out. You know, I've done that too. Or I've been mad, not at Sports Illustrated. I was mad once. When I was on a beat and I got up and left, like in the middle of the day and my boss called me and he's like, what are we doing from whatever facility it was today? And I was like, I don't know. And he's like, where are you? And I was like, I'm the highway. And he's like, you have to go back to work. And I was like, nope. Not doing it. Maybe Marcus Mariota just kind of had one of those days. By the way, what's the baseball book? Can we plug it? Yeah. It's really good. Let me see. Now I'm going to, oh jeez. So Kylie mcdaniel is he's the front office guy that said ESPN future value. I think it's called. Future value. And it's kind of like what. The tagline is. The battle for baseball's soul and how teams will find the next superstar. With Eric log and Hagen, I'm going to butcher that name from fan graphs, but it was very good. And I was thinking of, you know, kind of trying to learn a little bit of crossover stuff with football. Maybe, but the one interesting thing is that he said that Moneyball happened ten God, it was longer than that. Moneyball is what, 2004? Three? 2004? It's early aughts. Yeah, somewhere in there and he said it's kind of all now just happening, right? Like we're just, we're all embracing it now. And that's very funny. It just shows how slow and how cyclical some of this stuff happens, but very, very interesting book. You're probably getting your holiday list ready. Tree? Check. Presents? Check. And of course, coquito made with Goya. A delicious creamy coconut holiday drink that will transport you to the tropics. Sand, ocean, sunglasses, check, friends and family, check. Share the joy with coquito made with Goya coconut milk and cream of coconut. Find the recipe at Goya dot com, Goya coquito, a tropical way to holiday. 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There's a better way to fly private. Well, let's talk Arizona Cardinals. There's no good way to segue to the Arizona Cardinals. Nope. Kyler Murray non contact injury in Monday Night Football seems to be he's going to, look, we've seen ACL injuries take more than a year at this point. We don't know what the timeline is, but they might not have him, they could have him week one next year. They might not have him until later in the season. They might not have them at all in 2023. After he signed that big contract, this team, I think is uniquely ill equipped. I mean, I don't think they're very well equipped to win games even with Tyler Murray in the lineup. I think they're uniquely ill equipped to survive in injury to their franchise quarterback. Like whatever the forty-niners are doing, this team is the opposite of that. Yeah, I went through and so this is a little unfair, vaguely unfair because they have they do have some injuries, but I went through their starting lineup, like the guys that they had out on the field first before Kyler got hurt to try to get a big picture sort of droid view of the roster. And so here's what they have an offense. If Deandre Hopkins, who they traded for, he's 30. They have Trey McBride and Josh Jones, the tight end and the tackle. Those are your two guys. Two guys that you have starting on offense that you drafted. Two, and then you have Cody Ford, who you had to trade for. You had Billy price who you had to sign. And to sign Billy price, you had to cut Andy Isabella, who you drafted, the wide receiver, and never played. It max Garcia, who you had to sign off the Giants practice squad. Kelvin beacham, who you signed in free agency, AJ green, who you signed in free agency. Hollywood Brown he had to trade for, and James Conner, who you signed him free agency. Most of these guys are not signed beyond this year. Rodney Hudson is injured. He's going to be 30 two, 33. 33. I think Ronnie Hudson is more likely to retire than to come back in 2023. You had Justin Pugh who tore his ACL, or had some sort of India issue that he's out for the remainder of the season. But again, you didn't draft him either. And then so you're looking at you saying, okay, where are all the drafted guys? Okay, here they are on defense. Isaiah Simmons, zaven Collins. My Jay Sanders. Marco Wilson. Jalen Thompson, who's your supplemental pick and you re signed Buda baker and see her say, okay, all right, all right. They must have a really good run defense. Like really, really good run defense or really, really good past defense.

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