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Pleaded not guilty to the charges you've been jailed without bail since that car four thirty three traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers are doing with all wheel drive traffic on the three is the worst of it might well it's not easy getting out of town heading to the south here then we'll start with the expressway let's get the latest with the mall for insurance copter doesn't take much to ruin a good afternoon here at the expressway so far it's been a slow down the south bank and then the next delays a bandana Squantum street he spelled that we'll see how long that lasts because we've got a crash now right at the top of route three after you jump on for the expressway ninety three down here in Braintree there over the breakdown lane along with the fire department but it's a curiosity issue everybody's look at first about kind of offer insurance copter cardinals were one twenty eight south is slow going to route one oh nine down on to ninety three in the canton and delays on twenty four south down after four ninety five usual delays on the pike westbound out towards Newton corner then starting before one twenty eight out to the state police barracks he's pounds okay for now up to the north one twenty eight north slow going route three a up to ninety three ninety three north bound to from the second bridge most of the way up past commerce way and route one north manages slow going up past landfills parkway miking with WBZ's traffic on the three CBT is now available one hundred percent natural one hundred percent money back guarantee effective full spectrum hemp oil rich in CBT this is to be the bilaterals dot com C. B. D. bilaterals dot com with the clouds around what some snow moving into the area in the overnight hours late this evening overnight could be mixed with a little bit of rain near the coast it will continue though into the early morning they'll be some poor.

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