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Yeltsin Arizona's morning news and coming up the battle for Jeff flake Senate seat takes the spotlight that I when MC Sally and cinema face off in a debate. It's her choice to run those ads calling me morally bankrupt. Seriously, we have team coverage on this. And let's start that right now. Here's Jamie, west Arizona votes. Early ballots have begun arriving in mailboxes and the Arizona Senate race between Republican Martha mcsally and democrat Kirstin cinema is getting more heated by the day. They go head to head tonight debate KTAR Jim cross begins. Our live team coverage Jimmy one of the most important races nationally in the midterms sakes centerstage tonight in Arizona, Arizona PBS, and there's an Republic hosting the debate between the Martha mcsally and Kirsten cinema at six o'clock KTAR political expert, Michael Neal says he expects civil debate at least at the beginning. I think that could dissipate rather quickly if you if you have one candidate make a relatively mild charge against the. The other the tendency is to escalate and other MC Sally cinema will replace Republican Senator Jeff flake who decided not to seek reelection this year live in the news center. Jim cross KTAR news. All right. We will get back to Jeremy foster in just a moment. Right now. Let's check traffic. First time this morning and p FOX is in for Danny Selva this morning in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center. Good morning JP morning jemele right now, we have a disabled vehicle I ten westbound at sixty seventh avenue, it has the right lane blocked eastbound coming in from the west side things and looking good at the moment..

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