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Four hundred twenty five stores open and save the jobs of some forty five thousand employees in reading his decision late this afternoon. The judge rejected arguments from a committee of creditors, including landlords who major vendors who had argued the court to shut down the company and liquidate the assets that creditors are more than three billion dollars attorneys for Sears and Lampert had argued that the sale process was fair. And that keeping the comedy opened. It would be better for all involved. Sears has lost twelve billion dollars since its last profitable year back in two thousand ten through its bankruptcy filing. Last October expecting an onslaught of subpoenas and requests for documents and testimony, President Trump is angry about one report involving the house committee. That's reviving its Russia election interference investigation. The president calls the chair of the committee a political hack. Bob Costantini with more. In Trump is live at the house intelligence committee has hired some former national Security Council staffers to eight it's Russia investigation. The committee to be clear has not announced who they are. But does say it's no one who worked during the Trump administration. But in a tweet where he accused democratic controlled house committees of going nuts. He adds even stealing people who work at Whitehouse. A continuation of witch-hunt speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi dismissing the tweet and the president's ir. We will not surrender our constitutional responsibility for oversight that would make us delinquent in our duties. Bob Costantini, Washington. A big announcement today at the Chicago auto show for from Ford Motor Company and mayor Rahm Emanuel Bill Cameron has more Ford announced it's spending a billion dollars to upgrade its to Chicago plants and adding five hundred new jobs rum, immediately placed an order for more forwards as a real vote accomplished in the city with that vote of confidence we have order twenty one hundred a police officers today across the city Chicago are driving with another two hundred on order over the years city hall and the state of Illinois have given forward major subsidies. And this expansion will bring the total number of jobs to fifty eight hundred in Chicago Bill Cameron, less aim nine. Prosecutors are building a case based partially on a bloody handprint and the responses have a cadaver sniffing dogs that a former student killed a Chinese scholar in his apartment. Prosecutors. Revealed evidence in a recent series of filings that they say we'll help prove Brent christianson killed and kidnapped yingying Zhang inner Bana back in two thousand seventeen is trial set to begin April. First prosecutors are seeking the death penalty and officials in mount prospect have ordered a redesign of their new vehicle stickers amid some controversy Kathy Volmer with more mount prospect, vehicle stickers just went on sale this month. But the daily herald reports the village has already ordered a revamp after there were complaints the stickers contain what some consider to be white nationalist imagery, the sticker shows a police badge over a cityscape and a flag with blue stripes and was meant to honor law enforcement that critics say white nationalists have used similar imagery, the village released a statement saying redesigning the sticker addresses those concerns and acknowledges the fact that some residents said they feel uncomfortable putting the sticker on their vehicle. The village says the new design will celebrate the police departments community outreach and inclusion efforts residents who already have the other sticker will be mailed. The updated version. At no charge, Kathy. Volmer WLS AM eight nine WLS news time.

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