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Back to more Motech on money. Continues as Frank Motech north and South Korea will be back in the spotlight in the week ahead when President Trump meets in Vietnam with North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN this week and a Korean American entrepreneur who appeared on the TV show, the apprentice as put Korean beauty products in the spotlight just in time for Hollywood's biggest night, and with us now, James son, the CEO and founder of L based beauty tap, James. Thanks for coming to the line. And I tell us about your concept and higher tap again to what had been an untapped market. Right. Yeah. Beauty shop is really bringing Asian beauty trays and products to the western world. And so it's really about cross-border now that we have the internet. We travel all around the world, we should have access to the best of the best from different continents. And so my background being Korean-American. I'm breaking and beauty at Asian beauty to the US. They call K beauty. Yeah. They do they call K duty. And it's quite popular. It's kind of taking California and Southern Cal Hollywood by storm because if you action study, how has actually gone global it's really because of Korean pop music like BTS, and k dramas, and so you could actually see that Korean beauty follows the trend of K popping k dramas and in particular to Los Angeles market LA has the second biggest Korean population outside the Seoul. And there's more skin care clinics in Korea and plastic. Researcher clinics in Korea per capita than anywhere else in the world in order for you to launch a product you have to be that good. That's very interesting. And of course, it's a big weekend for glamour here in Hollywood. Right. So tell us what you guys are going to be doing. Yeah, we have a brand new line called AZN lapsed, and it's a new line that uses an innovative ingredient caught after Vanson, which is the strongest anti oxidant in the world six thousand times, the percentage of the strength of vitamin C shocks that and we've been selected by the Oscars, and we're very honored to bring this to all the celebs in their gift bags, and we're actually the very first Asian beauty product ever selected for the Oscars. Tell us about your entrepreneurial background. I I started actually as a computer science major, and I went to Intel as an engineer for my first job. And then I became a management consultant and dented entrepreneur. And I have looked back and really I focus on consumer web and consumer ball ball. I love data. I'm like a data freak. And so I'm kind of the tech guy meets beauty guy. You got the right formula for for silicon beach and funding here, right? He also appeared on the apprentice years ago, so people may remember you from that as well. Yeah. That's a little Jenner story that I have is. I do know Donald Trump the president because I was on this reality show, the apprentice. And there was a while back. But in two thousand eight went on that show went all the way to the end. And I was a finalist and what happened then? Well, I went to the final at the Hollywood bowl in Los Angeles. And he picked the other girl. All right and the rest is history. Well, congratulations on your success since then James son, the CEO beauty tap. Thank you very much for coming to the line this weekend as well. Coming up the LAPD economic forecasts for twenty nineteen is out then a more straight ahead on Motech on bunny..

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