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For you sir. Okay so the woman. I love is in town. She's currently sitting in the other room. We haven't seen each other for a while. But she's going to be here for a while and so i thought i would try to find a show that we can watch together to like bond. You know what i'm saying and now look everybody's been talking about. ted lassos. so let's just say ted laso off the list. Please do not inundate my twitter telling me how good to alaska was. I know all right. And it's a little intimidating right now. Also because everybody speaks ted lasso. And i don't in that's getting a little annoying so so you don't know any ted lassoed all you've not seen any. I've not seen episode one no case of this season of any season. And that's just. Because i kind of got behind i kind of got a wacky travel schedule. I don't have apple tv. I want to be able to sit down. And banging are all at once so that i can become conversant in the in the whole thing in one sitting. So let's just take off. Because i just want you to know that. I got an alert on my phone. This is earlier ted. Lassos new episodes. Come out on. Fridays and my girlfriend. Rachel sent me a text earlier. That said hey. We gotta catch up with ted last night because tonight is episode four. So i'm i'm caught up on ted lasso and tonight i'll be officially like one hundred percent caught up on episode four of us. Okay this is trying to avoid so yes. Ted lasso follower. What do people watch that last call last hours. I don't know i'm not making fun of it. I'm just kind of overwhelmed by ted lonzo. Anybody eight seven seven seven seven. Espn hit me up. And i'm thinking. Listen y'all i don't want your crazy. Am i serial killer. Or am i going to get killed stuff. I don't want your nonsense. I want stuff. That's relatively lighthearted but fund your maybe ted lasso. Oh no but like pro. Hope excuse me preferably has some black folks in it. That would be nice. You know what i'm saying and we can watch as a family that's gonna make me laugh but also you know is pretty smart. That's that's what. I'm looking for suggestions. All right all right. I'm gonna give you a suggestion. It's not particularly funny. Okay but i don't need funny so that works okay. But i'm telling you clinton i'm way late to this party. I'm later to this party. Just like you're late to the ted laso party But i and. Here's why. I even know about this show because i was watching ted laso on apple tv and then said okay. What else can we watch. This was a couple of nights ago. You know i've been locked down now. I'm in quarantine until like monday or tuesday of next week. So thank you. And so my girlfriend and i were together. And we're we're going through this together and so we started watching again. I got it everybody. I'm late to the party. i get it. We started watching the morning show. Have you heard of them. I've heard of that show and that's media related. I could get into that. There's only one problem you've already told us. She don't have an apple. Tv so schmuck. Then that's fine that's awful. Tv that's fine. But that's a good suggestion is jennifer aniston is my hall pass. So i love jennifer aniston. Okay so that's one reese witherspoon is in it. She's really good It's a it's an amazing show. I had no idea about it. Steve curls in it now you ask the question you would prefer to have some black people in it. I have another caller. I will take any a friend of mine. I was telling a friend of mine about this. He happens to be a black gentleman and he said to me. Are there any black people in the show is that i promise you. There is a full cast of black people in this show. One of the ladies as a producer one of the ladies. There's an agent one. That's a good start. Let me ask a follow up question ahead as somebody that worked in the news industry in the capital united states of america it was frequently in new york. This is not a turn off. I'm just asking you. Is there potential that this is going to be relatively triggering on a professional level that intent. Which is. I'm just wondering. Put it this way. The answer is yes. I have no fingernails right now. Because we've been binge watching this show and it's making me crazy. This show how i it's like i'm such a nervous wreck watching the show and my girlfriend rachel. She's she's a cpa and she says to me what's going on with you like i hate when you bite your fingernails and i'm like this show is bringing back so many memories of himes in my own career working in the news slash sports industry where there's so much drama and backbiting and so on and so forth but okay. I'm telling you right now. This show is so good. And i'm only four episodes in so my suggestion for clinton yates and the love. My suggestion is the morning show okay. I'll write that down just for all of you. Who are hitting me up on twitter. I appreciate the kindness and this again not a knock on anything but if you're in like the marvel universe or anything like that that's too much pre wreck you know what i'm saying like that's too much required reading for me to understand it..

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