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Live worldwide sports byline usa. And here's host run bucks and wherever you might be around the country and around the world. I'm ron bar. We've got you on america's sports talk shows sports byline good to have you with us and if you ever want to know who's going to be a guest on sports byline on a given night that all you have to do is go to the website because right there on the homepage. We list our guest and boy have we had some great ones. Tim brown the future hall of famer. James worthy in the hall of fame in the nba nate thurman and nba hall of famer. Ken burns the documentarian. Who did that. Wonderful new documentary on jack johnson. Espn's chris berman jack youngblood. Nfl hall of famer a pair of nba hall of famers in nate archibald clyde drexler. Also if you're into auto racing than you know these names bobby ray hall and emerson fittipaldi and that list goes on and on and on so all you have to go to the website it's sports byline dot com and you can find our guest list there it also if you ever want to email me all you have to do is go to my bio and then at the bottom of the bio. There is a link where you can email me. And if you're thoughtful enough to email me inside. And i'm gonna be thoughtful enough to respond in the studio with us. Ray knight and nancy lopez and. You're saying the nancy lopez what they have in common while they happen to be married and rain is of course. The former third baseman for the mets. And also the cincinnati reds was the manager of the reds for a period of time and then nine thousand nine hundred eighty six of course glory moment for him. He was the world series. Mvp when the mets came from behind winning those last two games against the boston red sox to win the world series thirteen seasons overall in the majors and six of those were the cincinnati reds. And then he went onto play in. Houston the new york mets baltimore and finished up with detroit but the also interesting part about him as healthy as he was he suffered a heart attack in two thousand one and another one in two thousand and three his wife nancy lopez already in the lpga hall of fame and by the time she was thirty. She had already qualified with winning enough tournaments. Thirty five to qualify for the hall of fame. And if you take a look at her first two years now she had forty eight. Lpga victories overall but she wanted an astounding seventeen tournaments in her first two full years on the tour and she was the first woman ever to receive a full scholarship to tulsa and. She started playing golf when she was only eight years old under the guidance of father domingo so again in the studio. We're going to be talking about what a sports marriage is like. And what is a real round of golf between rain and nancy lopez like so. We're ready to crank it up. It's good to have you with us as we continue across the country and around the world with you on sports byline..

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