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Of thousands still without power across the area the repairs on the cleanup continuing his the ninety at academy awards tonight the possibility that history could be made it a number of categories we'll have a preview under new legislation to be introduced in albany this week armed teachers would be banned from schools across the state and if he getting married in new york city you'll be paying through the nuptials you will believed the average cost of a wedding in our area is the highest in the nation ten ten wins accu weather mostly cloudy tonight low thirty one sunny skies for the most part tomorrow high fortyfour iran's second straight spring outing that steven that's loud five run to the mets yankees lose to the raise the knicks are in sacramento tonight the nets will play the clippers of the devil's host the vegas golden knights wins news time four twenty one from the ram trucks traffic center fears gloria troppo let's good start out with what we see on long island's big three starting to look a little bit harry they're on the la in the northern state nonstate westbound exit twenty seven and that cell to rock road the right and center lanes are closed with police activity looks like an accident and you do have delays back to be life connector now the la is heavy westbound from the connector over towards shelter rock road is well looks like people just jumping over for some to avoid the accident on the northern state parkway and fortunately this causing delays now moving over to what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels at the george washington bridge inbound it's going to be about five descend on the upper and now it's switched in the lower levels awful so you're seeing about a fifteen to twenty minute delay and lower level out bounds about a ten to fifteen minutes late lincoln's 5 to 10 in both directions the holland's about ten minutes inbound but 20 to 30 outbound looks i could the backed up very quickly queens midtown brooklyn battery tunnel only one tube is open taking twoway traffic for weekend construction and new england threw away heading south between the connecticut state line and exit twenty one that an accident there is also causing delays i'm gloria chop our next report at four thirty one on ten ten wins news time four twenty three terms of thousands of.

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