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KCBS Sunday July twenty ninth coming up. On KCBS Coney on the dangerous phenomenon that supercharged the car fine we feel Wildfires but very strong and I'm Scott materiel KCBS news time now six thirty one CBS news update six people have been killed, in northern California's car fire Shasta county sheriff Tom PO Sankoh says one victim did not heed calls to evacuate its been a. Fourth victim Identified as a result of the fire consuming a residence, and a, and. A deceit located in that residence the fires only five percent contained but officials were confident they. Would get a better handle on the, blaze tonight it's already destroyed more. Than five hundred buildings nearly forty thousand. People were told to evacuate. Reading police chief Roger Moore everyone we. Come into contact in those neighborhoods if they don't have a. Legitimate reason to. Be there if we don't arrest them for looting they'll be arrested. For something else and so it's. A no tolerance stance. We don't want people. Neighborhoods, people are getting victimized and it's unfortunate a second firefighter, battling the fire near Yosemite has been killed CBS news update I'm, Pam Coulter six thirty two on KCBS says our evening news watch for this Sunday night, continues. Thanks for joining us I'm Scott with Terry well among, the many challenges, facing firefighters battling the car fire intensely hot weather conditions have produced. A whirling fire cloud with Dangerous gusts of wind KCBS Keith Makoni, spoke with one meteorologist who is monitoring the rare phenomenon on Friday. The swirling fire cloud was reportedly, five miles tall and producing winds up to fifty miles per hour powerful enough. To rip trees from the ground in toppled. Transmission towers we see a lot of rotating smoke Collins on, wildfires but, this. One was particularly unique in that it was very strong and ten Craig Clements is an associate. Professor of meteorology at San Jose State, university observing the blaze he says. That climate change means more fuel to. Feud wildfires quite warm we're. Getting more drier and drier conditions North. Korea so that fuel and he adds studying a fire like, this is important. As wildland fires and their meteorological impacts are among the least observed. Of all natural phenomena so it's. Important that we get. These observations with our. Team, state does we go out and we take our daughter, light art where dirtying atmosphere around the actual wildfire and with Observations like that he says fire forecasting will improve Keith Makoni, KCBS the Los Angeles. Unified school district in. The union representing its teachers says the talks have broken down opening the door. To a potential strike we get that story from Karen Adams with our all new sister station KNX, in LA Union's board unanimously voted to declare negotiations at an impasse. And has notified the California Public employment Relations Board to, intervene we'll go through those legal steps mediation back finding men the district can. Give their last and best offer and then we can either vote to, accept it or. We can vote to strike United teachers Los Angeles Arlene. Away says they're. Just too far apart on the issues, very far, apart the district has not moved on twenty two items and we're pretty solid in the, position that was taken well the school district rejected the UT LA's last. Best and final offer Thursday in a letter to the union a. USD says the offer would add to its multi million dollar deficit and eat through its reserves which would be Bankrupt the system it did offer to resume negotiations August seventh that's Karen Adams with our all new sister station KNX, in Los Angeles Meanwhile they were turned down by California Public university so a growing number of California students are now enrolling. Heading to Arizona, for college a, new report from the US department of education. Found that California freshmen are seeking higher education in Arizona in. Record numbers Arizona State University the university, of Arizona.

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