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All of a sudden fans expect that every year, and I get that side of it because when you fail as they did at the end of last year and admittedly their offense broke. Those fields words you wanna fix it? And there's a. A couple of years out there that could help fix it on the other hand you can't necessarily sign a big name free agent every single season though. I do think owners around the league, I think you agree. They've sort of created this narrative that you can't eat a what they can't do instead of the narrative of what they can do. And so all you hear is you can't sign you can't sign you can't sign. So we know every team can afford a Manny Machado or brace are which is whether they're willing to do it. If the time is right for them. So I think CO had it was a little bit of a balancing act. We have contending team. We just one ninety five the playoffs are always again Bill. So we have enough to win. But I think a lot of people would feel better if they had added a little bit more still holes in the bullpen. And we don't know for sure if there's a whole on the offense. There was at the end of last year. You don't know if there's carry over, you don't know what's going to happen in that. I think that uncertainty is. Discomforting for cub fans because they thought they had a dynasty on their hands. Maybe not so much in a very tough division one World Series championship, and they've kind of gone backwards a little bit since then though they've made the playoffs the last four years. Yeah. It feels like the cubs are kind of in the incomforta- place that the Yankees are in, you know, the Yankees after they signed Troy Lewinsky they signed DJ LeMay, Hugh a lot of Yankee fans were like wait a second. You cut your payroll way back. Why are you not now aggressively having worked around some of the luxury tax rules? Why are you not adding to the payroll significantly because I know the Yankees as very popular franchise with their own network. They make a lot of money we've seen all the construction around Wrigley field. We've seen the great support for the cubs franchise. We know that their plans for the cubs to make their own network. And let's face it. They're probably going to be some confusion from cubs fans. Wait a second. We thought all of these things were being done to put the team in a better place in the budget seems. Very hard for the Yankees for the cubs for a lot of these teams. It's so interesting, and you do wonder if I don't even know if the word is wonder, this is some form of collusion, not necessarily, you know, you're gonna find a smoking gun of emails one owner another owner, but there is a form of collusion going on. I think we can all agree upon that. And I'm curious to to know, if you know, the Phillies owner talked about that stupid money. Well, he still hasn't spent it I'm curious to know, if one owner is willing to step out for the sake of their fan base in their franchise and spend crazy because we know they all could especially the big market teams. But, but I think if one does it it really makes the other twenty nine look bat, and and so that's the form of collusion of talking about it. So most unspoken though, maybe it is spoken in some of their meetings or whatever. But I wonder if because right now the Yankees or the cubs, for example, could certainly step out and get the top couple hitters at cut rate with the cubs. Last year they were not in on new Darvish early on. But the price dropped and they jumped in on them. So you would think at a cut rate one of these teams might be in on them. But apparently, not certainly not a enough to satisfy the agents concern, I know the players can't necessarily take their argument publicly because fans just don't wanna hear about millionaires complaining, but I'm on the side of the players in the sense that revenues have gone up..

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