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Of the worst movies of the summer allegedly according to random list said this movie experts list snatched that would be the goldie hawn an amy schumer movie gone in like a hot minute from pirates of the caribbean dedmon tell no tails you know here's buck now let me just quickly interject because some again it's part of the caribbean five were but that's the thing because let's keep in mind when you get to some of these sorts of movies like this some of these big blockbuster ones whether it's like yeah the the fifth parts of the caribbean movie this was also like the fourth of the fifth transformers movie they're they're not necessarily making some of these movies four domestic gross a lot of these have the international markets in ice so even though it was quite hey watch do though who is quite a down year for kind of us movies sales in china the places like that still do huge business when it comes to some of these big spectacle kind of action moves as well and also we guess of game or 60 ready come out like the new tom cruise movie american made the comes out september twenty nine all baby seatbelt like i don't approve of ball i don't really know that but yeah yeah exactly like i feel like moute like there was the mummy movie that he was in the summer and i just feel like movies themselves are kind of losing a bit of the cash aid that they had before where it was old you saw and it just drilled into your eyeballs for several months leading up to it but quite frankly there are just too many options for entertainment anymore where the typical sort of consumers no longer the captive audience than it used to be there are so many different options for staying at home and making your entertainment exactly what you want and which is part of the reason why you've got some movie studios and movie makers in particular that are pushing for this whole idea of.

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