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Of o'fallon township high school in saint clair county doctor darcy benway sent a letter to parents last week explaining that a school walkout is an act of civil disobedience and a violation of the rules to students who feel walking out in protest is an educational activity benway writes the full lesson of civil disobedience is compromised if students are exonerated she says they don't consider the walkout school business although they do support a student's right to protest carol daniel newsradio eleven twenty komo axel fallon illinois students are planning a local walkout to coincide with the march for our lives march twenty four meanwhile school security consultant says superintendents or left between a rock and a hard place in deciding whether to let students walk out today and there's going to be political backlash no matter which choice that they're that they make is just which battle do they want to fight catherine smith torres suggests they leave the ultimate decision up to their school boards she doesn't have many concerns about safety during a walkout after all highschoolers are used to taking care of themselves on or off campus but she worries that if schools not only allow but endorse a walkout they'll be setting a precedent tinier school hey i'm gonna do this walk out in the school says okay then when they get a job there just hey boss i want to do this walk out and i'm gonna be gone some just letting it out or they don't let them know what they're going to get fired also says don't forget about those students who don't want to walk out of class where do they go teachers from the clayton school district and other districts will protest gun violence in schools today at four the teachers are also against arming teachers they will walk along shaw park in brentwood boulevard komo news time six oh six a saint louis alderman is behind bars or was behind bars facing a tangle of legal problems related to his driving alderman john collins mohammed was arrested monday after a small accident in saint louis police checked his driver's license it was not valid also he had no no proof of insurance they say they did some more checking it turns out.

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