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1980s with the soviet fashion show where a large woman who might be a man is introducing the models and day but bush guy comes out on stage wearing a grey sacked dress yes and they announce berra's the broncos fair or something and then and they announce and now evening fair and the same woman comes out in the same dress but this time with a flashlight because it's evening prayer and this is the new york times as this is just amazing stuff sent on this in the 1930s joseph stalin reversed much of the soviet union's early progress in women's rights outlawing abortion and promoting gun nuclear family not the nuclear family however the acute male labor shortages that followed world war two because they had twenty two million men killed in the war many of them by soviet guns killing soviets running away because they were unarmed and being thrown into battle with the germans but never mind that spurred other communist governments to push forward with various programs for women's emancipation including statesponsored research on the mysteries of female sexuality is is a fullthroated if you will endorsement of soviet totalitarianism from a a sexual and this is i mean first of all their depending on some crazy woman in bulgaria and fake soviet science that claims that there with an have more orgasms better are women the new york times writes eastern bloc women did not meet trump merry or have sex for money or nobody had any money to give him for sex now they would drain for sardines for a role of toilet paper journal money changed hands claire times there finally out of the closet this is the chris plante show.

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