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About we're about through here. Oh they see the love that so. I'm a teenager all over again. I'm going to stop talking. Let's get to the week in review map makers to meteorologist especially with this year and how active the spring has been with that drier than average for most of us but more active flow I think would be entirely possible to catch a burst of cold enough air in mid to produce some snowfall. Even then i think once we pass probably probably literally just the fifteenth in may and beyond that does very quiet but the first couple weeks of may not necessarily a silent patterns that we made up snowfall there crispy and every director of reported for nine news in the country right about the middle Fully vaccinated were close to about thirty percents with a lot. More people coming down the road because a lot of people are still getting their second vaccine. The next you know couple of weeks my wife for example. We'll get her second vaccine next week and so we have a lot of people that are. We'll be getting their second vaccines shortly And so that number. That's around a third will go up and that's good news You know obviously we're still a long way away from where we need to kevin for. Call it a press network as you as you look at the practice. I i think eating sterling lamar university are pretty good bets to advance into the state tournament. They're in the top five seeds Montezuma cortez probably because of location delta manitou springs after travel there. They're the two seat and their unbeaten. I i would assume they move on. I think it really gets interesting in in region. Six seven and eight lutheran will get by alamo in the ninety eight game and look for the lions advance and then prospect rage out of the metro. They were the runner up. Team to lutheran there. I think they have a chance to get by. Sst mont view their elite champ. But their league is not up to the same standard in my book as metro. Kim fisher national spokesperson for water. Ford dot org work with children pre k through sixth grade. But our waterford upstart program. Which is what we're doing this summer. Learning path with it focuses on children in the year before they go to kindergarten and so during cova. We have seen that you know. Parents have struggled to find an early education options but our kids and so this summer learning path is to find. Those families That have children. That are not prepared to walk into kindergarten. This fall and get them prepared and so the summer learning path is twenty minutes of our adaptive software program five days a week but then we also give parents a coach so that they know how to interact with their child off line which is crucially important. That was the week in review. Thanks for being a part of it. All of that content on thirteen ten k dot com So make sure you check that out We will be Having a new. Let's have a beer podcast next week. We'll be looking forward to that as well Really excited to get that one recorded in the books. Hey the power trip coming up next from eleven to twelve twelve to two will be the whole show with brady whole And at six o'clock tonight it is a fort collins. Lampkin going down to boulder for the first round of the season seat playoffs for football. So all of that coming your way. I will be with you tomorrow. Scheduled to go for one o'clock tomorrow afternoon out in eaten with regional volleyball action coming your way as well But thanks to all the guests. Six everybody joining us throughout the course of this week. Thanks to ryan kelley as well. He does lot. Night is a little bit behind the scenes that we really do appreciate brian. Kelly tanner twelve. We'll talk with the all on monday. Have a great weekend this weekend. Remember personal you can still make decisions. It's been nocona presented by the g nine agencies in northern carlos voice thirteen ten k. f k..

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