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Nieces. Um, buttons on the jersey How their button the pants and a belt. You could even have a leather belt or last expelled. Both of midnight. Maybe, and every free it was. It was something that was just passed down through each generation. You know, and I remember And that was very important and that you understand that the people that went before you and the pride that he wanted youto have in that uniform and your presentation. It was a separator, and it was something that the guys know they kind of complained about it. But they kind of like a separation of having to sacrifice cutting their hair or not having a beard and I'm a captain in the light on today's game, Whatever But no, but he thought it was important. Yeah, Yeah, Here's Here's the thing. I remember. It's funny as you're talking. You think of all these things because we were all there. I remember when Pat Kelly came up to the Yankees when he was brought up. I remember sitting because he's sitting on the one side and donning Mattingly had that little corner locker where Righetti was, and then it went to Bernie so but Um, I'm sitting with Pat Kelly and he's staring at manly and I said, What are you doing? And he said, I'm watching Donny put his uniform one. And then the second thing I want to say to you, I know that Brian Butterfield was one of those. You're telling me that Brian Butterfield had the best body of any of those. You gotta understand this competition. I tell you what, Let me give you a Butterfield were upwards. It's seven o'clock and more. Maybe 6 45 and we're finished. Nothing scheduled for that day's work. And Mr Stein American storming in the door there in Fort Lauderdale, and he walks in. And he looked at buying Butterfield sitting down in front of me where he is right on the schedule up those you out. You know nothing else, but you and I looked up on Brian got up. You know, we went over whatever he was upset about. And Clete Boyer had heard him say you out. So he took a big plastered and took his name tag down and put the W E over and he was known. The rest of spring is you, you, you Yeah, because you know, like after game and you got called upstairs to the coaches. You knew somebody had at a bull's eye on it, and it couldn't breathe your other guys into it. You couldn't say Well, if the infield calls the ball, I would pitch. It would have been bad. Now you pull the infield coach into it. Somebody wasn't physically ready. Now. You brought the trainer and very quickly. We understood who had the balls are you took it like a man got back on the elevators. You went downstairs or bisected that one down the back. They've got it handed to him and You had a certain camaraderie on fraternity, you know, fighting that fight and the thing that you would talk about Brian Butterfield. Who, of course, is Dad Jack Butterfield You knew in the seventies when he was working for the Yankees. Well, he was a farm director for the Yankees. Mr. Steinbrenner does our toughness Big, tough job stuck out their spring training It was and we always we knew when he would show up in Mylar camp and Hollywood, Florida down there. Because the key was the eagle has landed. Uh, the eagle had landed. We all knew that he was coming down to play a visit to Martin camp, and you could see there was It's like Billy said. If you've got to do something different, just because he's in town or down there, you're not doing things right. Start with when you look at and how you know for the few years that you've got there. I watched you build and we all watched you build that team 90 for Jimmy Key has said to me every time I see him, Jimmy Key says. We woulda wanted 94. If you just kept going, you come back and you deal with the guys. The replacement players who are breaking the song they were out of shape and Georgia say this isn't bad doesn't really fine. But 95. I don't think I've ever heard the stadium as loud as the that first game at Yankee Stadium in the wild card game when you were introduced. The only thing that was louder was when Donny came out. And, of course for people that don't know Buck Showalter told me once. Well, you know, I decided I was going to manage Who's a first baseman in the Yankee minor league system, and this kid who's still one of his best friends. Don Mattingly walked in the door. So you know, you know, right there that maybe it's isn't for you since Mattingly is on A lot for my career because he showed me I was not going to be the first baseman left fielder for the New York Yankees. When I saw him in a gunning Balboni. I was way down the road, but Remember, Mr Sandberg told us Don't worry about it. I heard the strike's gonna be settled. We're going to go to camp with these God awful replacement players, and, uh, don't worry. We go up to Colorado to open up the exhibition. We played the first game and Coors Field expeditions with the replacement plan in the seventh scent, and I get a phone call. That, they said with striking. We're heading back to Fort Lardo after the game's over, and I was first time I was ever happy that the ball went between my second bases, legs in the game. We were stealing off our jerseys going up because Mr Stamler had gotten mad thinking. Now we're going to play and he has sent stick and scout the Mexican League. Hassan's employers. And next thing you know, we're back in Fort Lauderdale. But that was quite an experience that probably the low point of my professional career was having the work of the replacement players down there. Yeah, that was tough. I remember the guy who sat down in the charity broke. We won't go into that 95 when you when you think about that whole year and and what happened? I know that after I was told and people know that you know, George always liketo. He used to like to play people against each other. So you know, change someone in the in the coaching staff and you know, and sort of keep everybody on their toes. That was the way he thought you could do a success. And I know that I well, we had heard anyway, that you that he wanted you to fire Rick down, and you would not do that. So obviously your tenure ended, but it really didn't and George came to your house. And you know, Allie was a little girl back then. And I bet people don't know that side of George Steinbrenner. When he came to you and thinking maybe he had made a mistake. And there you were having dinner. You you and you and the kid and and Angela. Well, you know, it's funny. I've flown out bleeding. Nobody. I didn't want to leave alive. No came midnight. I didn't have a contract and there was nothing. He told me without firing her more than just Rick down and that I was proud of the people that he would have gone after. Went on to have great careers. I knew I had good people around me. I couldn't walk back in the club out and asked these guys to, you know to be A deal is what we needed that they knew that I was going to give him up at every turn first Unas the bump in the road, but I was on my way back from meeting with Oakland and Detroit and stopped in Arizona..

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