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I don't go up to the roof of a building and getting a helicopter and have the pilot land on a yacht that is not how i live life at all this these donations go back into the show and back into the technology that i use to create the show and i am very grateful for your donations if you want to donate go to the overwhelmed brain dot com and you'll see the donate button right there and thank you for those of you who done that and continue to do it we have a few monthly supporters as well and i appreciate you i also wanna thank the members of the patron program patron dot the overwhelmed brain dot com is a great way to support the show as well and allows you to get private episodes and workbooks and other things that you just can't find on the website or in this podcast and just recorded in new episode the other day for patron members only so if you wanna check that out you can go to patron dot the overwhelmed brain dot com and that's a great way to say thank you also get back because i like to give back as well i wanna tell you about the mean workbook i did mention this earlier in the first segment mean workbook is if you are in emotionally abusive relationship or you're not sure if you are if you don't even know what emotional abuse is this is a great tool to help you determine just what's going on in your relationship i call it an assessment and healing guide for difficult relationships because sometimes you don't know there's emotional abuse you don't know there's manipulation you just ask yourself why is this so difficult if you have that type of question that you're asking yourself you might wanna check out the mean workbook it's assessment tool that will help you determine the level of manipulation abuse that may be going on in your relationship and of course i read from it today that idea of what's contained in it and gets a lot deeper than that of course but you can check that out at love and abuse dot com and his tool that you might need and finally i'd like to thank and compaq.

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