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At all metro north stations assemblywoman Amy Paulin still has questions as to how this plan would benefit writers one of the increases in operating and maintenance costs of the parking lots where they've fallen short how much of the revenue goes to this purpose for other uses she testified at the MTA's November board meeting she says she was happy to hear that the board decided to postpone the topic to December's meeting saying the proposal was made last minute if the proposal had been approved by this committee and the board adopted it there would have been no opportunity for public input the MTA wasn't available for comment but did confirm that the proposal will be discussed next month critically Shian WCBS newsradio eight eighty Connecticut governor Ned Lamont is looking at may be holding several town hall style meetings around the state to the seller's revise transportation improvement plan which includes putting tolls on about fourteen bridges and tolls usually do not give people jumping for joy to want to support so Lamont said Tuesday that the meetings will be a good chance to explain his case for needing their ten year twenty one billion dollar proposal that at first look to reinstall highway tolls to lawmakers made it clear that would not go over well two nine millimeter hand guns eighty six bullets we need and New Jersey transit cops being it was crystal meth all found on forty one year old Curtis Gartrell of Ohio who is a took off running last wins the once the bus pulled into Newark Penn station a cop state they are actually call to the bus not because somebody spotted guns and drugs now but because they say Cantrell got into a fight during the greyhound bus ride beat up Amanda then snitched on a it's three twenty two close to the doctors and these are the doctor's orders you know someone who consumes things that are non food substances it's actually a medical disorder called pica characterized by an appetite for non nutritive products to just sing and cornstarch even clay sometimes be a sign of nutrient deficiencies in an individual where there is a deficiency and essential minerals the most important thing to do consult your doctor he will likely test your blood for.

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