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More information or to purchase you can also buy from Amazon Dot Com if you want a little fledgling website bans on and George rejoins us here George thanks for hanging with me through the break there and we get back to some more Burger Talk we were talking about Smash Burger. Let me tie that up here because I've seen some of your videos rose and the picture you sent me to us here on the video. Size has a lot of onions on them. Is that a personal preference or is that a requirement euro summation a little bit of both I guess but it is that's actually what I make. When I do events maker called the Oklahoma Fried Onions Burger then only came about because everyone cookbook about three or four year three years ago and someone said to me well he could come on the show and you know equally TV show make a burger. We'll get you make five segment. I thought we'll be the Best Bang Bang for their buck and it became the Burger which is a smash burger goes back to the nineteen twenties in central of Kalma actually typically a place called Pellegrino of Homa but they do they actually take equally sized you know equally sized wad of thin slice sweet onion and they smashed into a ball of beef and it cooks kind of intermingled and mixes the beef griefs awesome caramelizes on the edges and gets soft little It's pretty incredible. I mean it's a it's one of those burgers. I I believe has the psalmist greater this parts for sure. There's no question in by still fighting this burger that say goodbye what what what's the sauce. What's the secret. What are your seasonings and there's nothing it's literally five ingredients. Only the BUN beef cheese salt and onion. That's it sometimes simplicity is the most complex of flavors right but what exactly what I think because you know my job is to make sure the people are not just getting your life but they're also getting historically accurate burger. They're actually enjoying something that is not just open that I made up with my own and I've got the special blend of spices whatever else no but my job is to.

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