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I i clicked off of us. Who thousand eleven. Okay and i was gonna do a little deep dive on terry kaiser because we love him too. He's better we are ever yet. Right but mannequin to terry kaiser being in friday the thirteenth part seven really. Yeah yeah he was. The he was the doctor that was was the new blood and he was. He took her back to the camp to try to get her to use her powers because he knew that she had tele kinetic powers and was trying to get her to I don't know hyper developer powers. He was killed and the most cut sequence ever and any friday the thirteenth movie. Because jason had that weed eater thing that had like a yes. If that's a real thing. I was thinking about that the other day you were thinking being used yes absolutely but i know that there. There has to be some uncut footage. We wanna see their. We wanna see more blood guys. Come on yes the uncut versions of all these movies he please terry. Kaiser has a hundred and fifty eight credits to his. Nasa's been around for olongtime still going weekend at bernie's would you say is his kind of his most known movie. Rob has to be and which he just had to act head through the entire. Yes carried around by a couple of jewish kids. Sorry i probably should not had a couple of kids so did not know terry. Kaiser was in six pack. Now brother with kenny. Rogers diane lane berry corbin anthony michael hall. What i know you've seen i've seen it before. Oh yeah i just Didn't he take a bunch of these orphans and tournament to his pit crew. I think that's what i think. Though forced trialed labor breaking multiple law. I mean yeah. I remember enjoying that movie. When i was what what year is. The six pack was nineteen eighty to eighty two. Yeah oh man. i'm. I'm sorry. I just can't help but look at the tv stuff too because he did a lot of tv. How i mean auto man of manual Hardcastle mccormick so england. Terry collins has been ton to yet. So we're gonna pick up diane lane from six man. I'd love to pick up diana. She played breezy surname. Yeah well i mean. Michael hall's name as doc. It's yeah why i don't know. Oh but i started looking it diane lane stuff seeing the early stuff i mean. She was in rumble fish. She was in an outsider's i. This was his after six pack. Are we gonna do streets afire. No i'm sorry. I know you to. I keep trying to get ahead of it and i just wanna know where we're going well. I clicked on a movie. Nineteen eighty-two cold movie madness. This is a national lampoon's film. I've never seen this. I've never seen it..

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