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The indictment charges that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. Former army buddies with a grudge against the government plan, the bombing selected Moore of federal building in Oklahoma City as their target install stole materials for the bomb and building Nick vase specifically. Charged with having delivered the bomb to the building. In a truck that he rented under a false name and having detonated the bomb. At the Mira building recommend is apartment of Justice and attorney general United States. The death penalty be sought it gives both McVeigh in Tennessee McVeigh guilty guilty of murder guilty of conspiracy guilty on all eleven federal charges that he face in the Oklahoma City bombing trial. His conviction comes a little more than two years after a massive bomb shattered the federal building killing one hundred sixty eight people including nineteen children. It was the worst terrorist act in American history and Timothy McVeigh could be sentenced to death this morning and McVeigh was since the death executed by lethal injection June eleven two thousand and one of America carried out the severe sentence for the gravest of crimes. The victims of the Oklahoma City bombing have been given not vengeance. But justice. And one young man met the fate. He chose for himself. Six years ago. For the survivors of the crime and for the families of the dead. The pain goes on. Final punishment of the guilty cannot alone. Bring peace to the innocent. It cannot recover the loss or balanced scales. And it is not meant to do. So. Today every living person who was hurt by the evil done in Oklahoma City. Can rifts in the knowledge that there has been a reckoning twenty four years ago to the to the day. Feel terrible still about those people. I mean, those people that were lost in that tragedy. So think about them today if you just even for a brief moment come back. I'm gonna talk to Ken dog on a somewhat related note. And this is something I saw today. I was thrilled thrilled that they're going to do this movie. I'm thrilled about who's going to do this movie. And I say it's on a somewhat related note to the Oklahoma City bombing. Okay. I'll talk to Ken dog about that. Straight ahead. Friday night. Pat Walsh show, building.

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