Kirk Cousins, Minnesota, John Sterling discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


No but still use that for a home run right i like that one on yom oh giancarlo that means let's go i also don't know any talion so i'm i was trying to raise he said and i'm even looked it up i'm like starting to search and i'm like what would it be i like it's gotta be yeah i don't like to see note reseau that's no good you can't have that campaign trying to look it up i'm like what is it i lo or jian i i don't i don't know but come on i mean it's stand ton i mean i was not like that i mean now better is better than oh my gosh so meanwhile it's still it's still conditional phrasing in the nfl world right now in the nfl news and information world it's still conditional phrasing that likely to sign expected to sign kirk cousins is going to go to minnesota josh do mel perfect day for him to stolen here from the movie love simon he's a big diehard vikings fan you that it's kirk cousins and it's if it is fully guaranteed that would be groundbreaking it would be unprecedented it would be the first of its kind and that's already being noticed by one particular player in the national football league during the conversation that we had at the end of our one or during the conversation with john sterling can you put the doug baldwin tweet up on the screen doug baldwin tweeted out kirk cousins is a hero for all the young players that will follow after him now we need more players to bet on themselves until fully.

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