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Even with sir c and Jamie dying with the roofs, you know, everything falling down on them like that is poetic appreciate that. They could have done it at least like insulin motion. We awarded so quick. Why did the palace fall quicker than the whole battle to like that? Oh. Did it took about all of what like and how did they find any minute? Does he find each other so quickly? It's like there's so many people running around trying speaking of that, like how about the fact that. The dinar was Jakara saying the whole like all the city streets. But then, like Jamie still like pops up. You got it out. And then same with aria and the hound from like YouTube, just cat late. Just made it through this shit like she's literally burning stuff down. She does realize also Jon snow's in those streets. I mean but let's be honest like she's in IRAs and why she went full passenger. I when I was watching it on Sunday, and she tried to kiss stunt snow, and, like have sex with him and he denied her, and she said, then it'll be fear, then I'm like, oh, shit. That's like when boat doesn't wanna go to bed at the same time, like she, there's no turning back. This bitch was just triggered. She's gonna go full dark. Passenger doesn't matter who's in front of her. It's like I'm going to destroy the fucking world. See Red Eye. Yeah. That's how I am with rage, taxing. Mike. Oh, you're not going to respond or not going to say. Here we go. Here we go. You didn't think I had it in me. Yeah, watch out. Yes. That's exactly. It's all I kept thinking about the whole entire time. But then I wouldn't you relate of all when you love it when, when you texted me after you watched it. And you were like so team Jon snow now and I was like one hundred percent. I regret saying that actually I this is his fault. He should have just listened to her. No. The fuck up. I'm sorry. It's shooting. Literally out back in no do not. Tell sauna and REI or do not tell anyone here. Friends with and John snow, like doesn't make it okay? He's a gossip queens, doesn't make it. Okay. He just needed. He knew he's too good. He's like to too much of a do. Gooder naw. Gotta go. Tell my family the truth, this is what I don't listen to your woman. Guess what that, but that should have been a private and not been taken out on the entire world. I don't care he prompted it. I don't I? Disagree? I'm like so angry with him like this is such an easy secret to keep. If you don't wanna be king. It's a very easy seagull to keep so, so he should just obey her forever when it comes to that. He I mean come on Sonya hasn't liked generis. There's all this tension idiot for telling them. No Dow Belykh. She had one request one request just don't tell anyone keep it a secret. Like if I was I literally just being like if I were to tell Bo this I'd be like just don't I hell, I still team Jon cheese. She's gonna abandoned every like principle, moral value. No, she she's always been one of those people that she's got. I don't kill innocent people. The whole for seven years, we've been watching her do the right thing, and help people, and people and all of that. And now she's like, Ooh, I my guy won't he doesn't love me. So we're all going to die like that's scary. No, I am. I'm still team John, okay? Okay. The bra struggle is real all their boobs are shaped differently. I mean, you can't say like oh this store, just like, yes it has something for everyone. Or like if you go there you can just find your perfect bra. It takes time to time to try and different styles. So when you're going online, and you're looking for a nice, bra you can't just order, just one but it's also too expensive to order a million bras, and try them on.

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