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And weather together. We check in again with John Morrissey. It's closed. It's closed. It's all closed locate your whole drive is a closed, but a lot of it is like southbound Kipling between thirty eighth and thirty second closed southbound Sheridan Seventy-six closed eastbound, I seventy offramp to Washington closed southbound spear at I twenty five closed all because of super-slick driving conditions and the ever. So slight little kill that. You have to go up that becomes Mount Everest this morning in the slick drive. Your drive all over town is just been brutal. Shelly says she's taking the cherry creek dam road this morning. She's been on it for thirty minutes while she looks down below two to five not doing bad to isn't bad by standards, but it's still real slow. It's thirty five to forty minutes onto to five from I seventy down to the tech center. Your drive on northbound I twenty five. From two to five up to university just that spot in between downtown the tech center over an hour. Colorado Springs to the tech center close to three hour drive time and southbound I twenty five one hundred twentieth down to eighty four also over an hour just to get down past eighty four and down into downtown. We've got a tremendous amount of accidents across the metro area most places are on accident blurred. So if it's a little Fender bender that you're in. Nobody's hurt. No drugs or alcohol involved. Everybody's got insurance that sort of thing you can exchange information with with the drivers in most locations around the metro area and file a report later, but we've got a tough tough drive. Got a bad accident westbound I seventy at ward road, that's a jackknifed semi only one lane getting Bhai NS lick drive up in the mountains this morning on I seventy and eighty five eastbound, I seventy is closed silverthorn to the tunnel.

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