President Trump, Missouri, Saint Louis discussed on The Weekend with Joe Pags


Mile blanket of white stretching from Denver to New York City a foot of snow already on the ground in the Saint Louis area where thirteen hundred vehicles got stuck on interstate forty four overnight people just trying to get home from work for the weekend. Seven hundred accidents in Missouri. Five Italians in that state and Kansas with this storm now heading east. This is a massive system. So a lot of folks experiencing this one it snowed all day yesterday across portions of Iowa back into Missouri. There's still some light snow in the Kansas City area. This now shifting farther and farther off to the east so folk style singing in Chicago through Indianapolis into Cleveland, and now beginning to push up along the east coast were eventually, this might continue to drop maybe the most no we've seen from the entire system when we run along the east coast still plenty of areas under watches and warnings. The're advisory stretching through Saint Louis all the way down along the mid Atlantic Cox meteorologist Adam clots tracking. This storm Noah and national weather service meteorologist they are not getting paid part of the Commerce Department shut down because of the impasse over funding for the president's border wall. This partial government shutdown now in day twenty two it is the longest shutdown in history. The house on a previously scheduled recess until January twenty second to allow members to work in their home districts on Twitter. President Trump calling that of vacation a former Obama cabinet secretary making it official. He wants the president's job Houlihan Castro making it official today in San Antonio, building a wall and yes to building community. Immigrants.

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