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Thought south fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more back in the break asking the question today. Should women and men handle money differently. Matt the answer to that question is going to be now. But there's so much information that we came across creating this episode that we feel is important share and i think it sheds a lot of light in how men and women have historically handle their money differently And then i think you know you. And i have a way forward for all of us together that we wanna get to me. There was a book that i never read. But i remember. It was so popular. Couple of decades ago called minna from mars women are from venus and that just sounds like a book from bygone era because it does. I don't know if it's still sold in bookstores. I'm sure you could find us books or something like that. It also makes me. Think of tgif On friday it's like going home watching the four shows. Which one was your favorite handled. Mr cooper or Boy meets world Sabrina the teenage witch classic. Big fan of that one. I obviously never read by the way men are from mars. Women are from venus. I wasn't really because you're like ten came out exactly but you can tell by the title. The author was highlighting gender differences in while men and women do have far more in common than the author probably would like to admit who wrote that book. There are some really important divergences that are worth of our consideration. Yeah so first of all. Let's talk about how you get money in the first place and that is earn it right and according to the pew research center Women earned eighty five percent of what men earned in two thousand eighteen That pay gap is shrinking Particularly for younger workers which is a positive trend but that is still a meaningful hurdle to overcome. The pay. Gap is partly due to to work history. You know like having kids great you know. But as we mentioned with the fidelity study earlier taking time off to have quetta's like it often leads to job offers in worse income prospects not to mention the years of not generating any income which often reflects years of not investing in a workplace retirement account in particular. If there's a match there right and those are some big disadvantages to overcome yell like you said at the beginning matt that stat also reflects some structural issues when it comes to male and female pay. But here's another thing to matt When we're talking about pay women are actually often averse to asking for more money than their male counterparts. There was a survey from ron saad. Last year the found that sixty percent of women have never negotiated with employer..

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