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Of fetal alcohol exposure among African Americans they've ordered his radio one of five point nine FM WBBM news time for twenty eight track weather together on the eighth floor of on police are closing down roads in Wrigley villain and tasks anticipation of the end of the cubs game at Clark Addison Waveland in Sheffield are affected Edens twenty five outbound twenty three inbound the spurs backed up in both directions with long term road work Kennedy attended the junction nine in the express thirty one tool here thirty five in from here twenty from the junction Eisenhower twenty to Mannheim thirty three to three ninety forty and from three ninety twenty five from Mannheim Stevenson fifteen minutes from lake shore drive to Cicero twenty seven of the tri state thirty seven to three fifty five thirty three am from three fifty five twenty three from the tri state twelve from Cicero north bound I fifty five south of I eighty jammed from Lorenzo to arsenal with road work in the left lane Dan Ryan twenty five minutes in and out of downtown from ninety fifth street I fifty seven fifteen in either direction bishop Ford seventeen out fifteen then lakeshore Dr slow in both directions regret parking approaching the stoplight at Chicago southbound tristate happy day to lake cook and the moral to Irving park eighty ninety four westbound is slow from state road to forty ninety cal you met eastbound is heavy from Halsted on the tri state to the Indiana toll road get traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM WBBM accu weather forecast today partly sunny skies a few spots will see a thunderstorm late in the afternoon primarily to the southwest.

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