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Zuzu? Oh. Will you go out for a beer when I ask you go for beer in the pouring rain when I ask you. Milo. That because we are faulty engineering here in the bone conducting drunken monkey radio anyway, Johnny guitar Watson and Cordell at the mile on the bone conduction music shows what I'd be trying to say that is called lonely girl. This is from some fine fine superfine, Johnny guitar Watson slab. More actually where that came from. For that. We checked out Etta James some earlier James reject dot, you know, what I mean on the phone conduction. This rock in the show on the radio. You know what? I mean. We've got a lot of that. Good stuff straight up ahead. We're gonna prove we come back right after this small short interlude. Give you time to get the store and get some beer or Pepsi or coke or mountain dew moon pies. Sure, you're back after this a break here. I'm gonna hit you over the head with Dinah Washington. I'm going to go out in the kitchen, make myself a salmon. Big fat one. Going down the side of my that'd be a good one. I have that sandwich. Made be ready for action. Just straight ahead. Take out one solid minute back. I'm gonna punching the time clock and sold on the bone conduction music insane anyplace else. Stick around. Hi, I'm pastor Toma from our savior Lutheran church and school in Hartland at our savior and Hartland. We don't have light shows projector screens or rock bands. But that's because we aren't trying to entertain you into Christianity or.

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