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<hes>. I'm maria maria but i mean they all. I mean whatever you want is spoken about this. Who has a brain is the need for this medium mcgregor doping white lady to be equated to the best of her sport gender period. It's like they want us to think. Maria sharipova is like susan lucci like she keeps losing but on hoist. We're going to see her out. She's really good best arena this time now. Maria sharapova pope is not susan lucci susan lucci fodder bear and did she did. I needed also so susan. Lucci seems super nice yeah. She's very nice. I will also just give a shoutout to serena's husband. Alexis o'hanlon who allen stand fan number one stan and also very good at let's shade. He wore a dare shirt to the match. No that's what i want. This is what having cameron front of you is all clear direct messaging start based messages. Yes it's so amazing. He might what i just. I love that he knows how blessed he is to be with his wife and it's amazing but then we cut to him having jokes league right they are just in the house in florida uh having plans and plots i love that or you went to like. Some sort of an vintage shops like i really <hes>. Do you have any memorabilia right. I wonder how much planning i know is it. Was it spontaneous or was it like a long gone like these are the questions i have for. Mr alexis alexis was also like liked like a couple of tweets that were about <music>. How dare this rivalry still be going on. You know oh yeah so he knows a good secret laker to hidden twitter for the if the detective to locate the internet the secret place where you lay the subtle place i i think he he watches a black lady scott show. I see that for him. Yeah i mean serena. Would she's not going to be about her. Tennis business will be on season four five. I see that for her to yeah great anyway. That's our show. That was a whole lot of show so everybody for sticking around was a that was a super sized episode of keep it. It was a super chiller a fear street supercharge tom version. I'm here for you. It's been a long. It's been a long day joe elwyn. I support whoever you are well. Thanks again robyn. Thank you and thanks to re retaining guys. I love being here early. In the morning. Uh-huh keep it as a product of crooked media carolina reston is our a producer or editor is sarah barrett pile. Seguin is our sound engineer thanks to our digital team allies account and not a name melconian for filming and editing video content every week uh-huh..

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