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The hoops critic dot com sirius xm's nba channel did you see the joel embiid tweet about an hour ago which one was that i saw him with mobile mba earlier today no no no no i'll read this to you and then i need you to give me your take embiid tweeted this one hour ago the lakers are forever in capital letters all caps forever gonna be colby and magic steam dot dot dot process that now i read that and i thought well let's directly sent out for lebron james's benefits and it's a little in your face it's a little trashtalk going jim bead isn't above doing like he did the mogambo earlier this week on the floor that's joe l does he really want to be given lebron a hard time when lebron hasn't decided where he's gonna land just yet okay can we ever want to read the tea leaves alan jody you know what that tells you about has decided where he's going to be or if he has decided yet joel embiid is up the understanding that i if that still eliminate the here's the thing that's kelly and we can talk all we want about what a wonderful fit lebron with simmons and embiid and a lot of that is very true and now a lot of the heavy lifting that he would have to do then simmons blah blah blah blah blah we we can get into all that here's the bottom line the bottom line is this lebron james left miami in two thousand fourteen largely because the arison family decided to amnesty his buddy mike miller to say fourteen million dollars with you the branch is going to be with your franchise expects to compete for a title expects you as an owner to spend well until the luxury tax to compete for a title now i'm not going to prejudge the harris ballitser group that owns the philadelphia seventy sixers because listen to as much as i was as big a critic 'cause their process anybody was out there you can't argue with the results right now what they've been able to generate a short amount of time however with no she shrieked what's so ever jodi of paying the luxury tax lebron james for his last move of his whole fame all time great career throw that leap of faith out there i think leap of faith that he ends up going with nobody then he actually goes to philly and hopes to spend in into the tax bringing the pieces that he needs so i think ultimately philly was disqualified from an early stage here based upon the ownership group just doesn't have the track record of paying the dollar amount that lebron james requires and really if you look at the teams that compete for thinking about where houston title contender now when they gonna sign cook a chris paul cappella it's gonna be huge he's good he's willing to the tax golden state lake uplift they're paying a tax you gonna put you know casey is gonna run them significantly into the luxury of philadelphia has never done that and i'm not casting aspersions at this ownership group and i'm not saying they would refuse to do it or they wouldn't do it but the reality is for lebron they don't have a history of doing it and i just think that matters to him a lot more than anybody else to say i haven't done it yet and you don't know that they'll do your abode but you don't know that they will you're one hundred percent correct there i speak in a luxury tax andre jordan by decide stopped out of his contract last night and rumors run rampant that despite the fact that he had one blow up with dallas he was going back down now like the map still love him and they specifically made moves to get in position with dark novitsky to give him as much as he backed out of going forward and then today the warriors because he's tight with kevin durant and they've always kinda liked him they could only give them the mid level exception but as you say there's so much in a luxury tax it's like five million becomes twenty million because after pay such a price above and beyond whereas all his love from andre jordan come from i i'm sorry nba is becoming less and less as jenner league with every passing day and he is your typic nineteen nineties big man how is this guy one of the more popular guys in the nba today coming of reagents the great question.

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