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And of course jay jay javeri yes i am it's six thirty seven and a bunch of celebrity birth these are going to start off with bob ladeco lisa bona alisa manet star of wads cosmi show but i particularly like they're in the mickey rourke film angel heart there was going i liked her and different world who's good nejat abso lease of been day let's see she's got to be unsafe 40s obviously forty two forty two or guy and we have uh sitting next to me we have a my my my we have cases wow wait a go well done i'm gonna go 45 zhao you talk about me voting sorry about when you get your pentagon sponsored train at another third of i must i must say 52 mixte's at old really i'm going to say she 48 fifty but one down for dip i'll go down by fifteen or turn she was married to lenny kravitz for awhile out them we have uh we have a of a woman here we've seen many times on tv and in the movies maggie is a long haul rally elena that it was gelling hall what is it not jilin hall never mind whether it's not listening to get into that come on let's go hot i had tied at exactly i would say this say she's forty eight okay well how about its casey casey all you yes i know the i'm with you i'm going on thirty nine thirty nine forty three forty two forty four okay you guys very close uh but she's just forty that's all just for you all right uh let's move up to a reality star i i'm not sure what shall we see in iran but we would certainly like to see her uh renee miss vicky patterson bob dickey patterson have no idea that is i'm gonna say thirty six i wanna casey i name was vicky patterson bob patasse's no it's not advice i'm gonna take a while didn't go thirty.

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