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This he ended up tweeting out. You're GONNA mess From Sia after he had tweeted out a little bit of a throwback Thursday himself that he said I was looking through my photos and was Today years old was let me just realize is that I was looking through my photos and was today years old when I realize my photo was alive photo that. How are you today years old right now? Josh I guess technically right. I'm as old as I am today. That a Donovan expression or is he missing a word you know. There's there's kids say there's today years old three years old. Wow Link Yeah Okay. You were today years old. When you found out I was today. Years old blank is museum. Yes okay and see us says I WANNA help you out with the same amount this year. You know the drill email Nathan. I love you Jonathan. Keep going do you think that she meant to say email Comma Nathan and like she calls. Jonathan Nathan took her nickname for Johnathan. Yes as they've become closer over the years so she's saying email me directly Nathan Jonathan Aka Nathan said. Omg I am crying. Crying crying some more I Don. We have been without water and this is so needed right now. I have not been having our money to the winners at war. You know like I think that would have been ridiculous if in this in this in this time in this day and age if giving money to confirmed survivor millionaires. So I've I guess I don't have too many hot takes on the of it all others in time. I thought I was going to explode at the wrong finale. That's really the hottest. Sia Take that I have but good for Rhode well. It's the first time she stood up and it was very stressful. And I really didn't think I did not know what was going on and it felt like we were all about to endure very bad moment. Thankfully it was just and that was the beginning of the era of survivor adopt. Jonathan Jonathan is an adult. I don't know that he needs to be adopted by SIA. It sounds like he has a very powerful friend. Yeah okay me. Quarantine would seems like a decent idea. Yes yeah okay. All right and Nathan is in charge of All things money. I guess it's Great. Okay I guess what happened with Davy. That all the survivor players should be checked to see so they got an email from Nathan. Yeah you never know the nation for you for you. That's right okay. Working with Nathan fielder and that's who handles the money. Is this all one long bit? Oh you think that he's like okay. See I'm going to be your publicist. Okay here's what you're going to do okay. A for fifty thousand dollars a year. We are going.

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